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20150516_174510Thanks for checking out my super-awesome beer site. I started avidly drinking beer in 2010 and have enjoyed a lot of great brews since then, and recently I decided I should start writing about this stuff. When I told my parents that I was keeping notes, they first asked me if maybe I had a drinking problem but then suggested I post my opinion on the internet so that strangers could call me an idiot. So here I am.
I don’t have many credentials. I’ve never worked with a brewery, have yet to try my hand at home-brewing and am not a member of any beer club. However, I have drank my way through a ton of beers and my friends all think I talk way too much about beer. Maybe you’ll enjoy some of the stuff I write and find some new beers you love.
In addition to this blog, you can keep up to date on all the occurrences of my daily life on my Twitter page. It’s mostly me complaining about my fantasy football team and my other true love (the Colorado Avalanche), but every once in a while I have something interesting to say about beer.
Matthew Razo

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