Koffüry by Hoof Hearted collaborating with Jackie O’s is a beer that kicks your ass, but the ass-kicking is enjoyable the whole time.

9.5% goals

I actually got conned a little bit with this beer. I sat on it for a few months with that whole “I need a special occasion to drink this beer” mentality because there aren’t many days where I think a 9.5% Imperial Stout with coffee is a good way to relax.

In reality, Koffüry is as unpresumptuous as the name Hoof Hearted itself. About a year back when Hoof Hearted started to get some national recognition, there was a lot of blowback that the name Hoof Hearted was too immature and questions came up about whether or not fart jokes have any place in the brewing industry. And the reason bathroom humor is funny, is because it’s a universal skill (yes, skill. Visit any public restroom and try and convince me otherwise) that some people are so ashamed to even acknowledged. I, for one, will not be bathroom shamed, and neither should you.

20161112_233624But that’s digressing from the main point.

I’m not sure I can think of many other 9.5% stouts that are as approachable as this. Lot of roasted coffee beans reeled in with some milk chocolate and molasses that never felt ‘too heavy.’ It is so approachable in a way that a lot of big stouts aren’t. This is a beer you could grab out of the fridge because it’s a Tuesday and you just want to kick your feet up.

Minus some points because I’m not sure I’m pronouncing the name of the beer correctly.