Is Swish by The Bissell Brothers out of Maine absolutely one of the best beers I’ve ever had? Yes.

This late-April release tickles me in ways I’d forgotten even existed. Packed to the gills with peach, pineapple, apricot + mango fruit notes – it’s phenomenal. Citra and Mosaic coming at you like the best tropical hurricane ever, and Simcoe providing just enough of an earthy/spicy bite to reel you back before you need to change into a clean pair of pants.

20160610_173501It’s my first foray into NE IPAs (excluding the geriatric 6-month-old can of Heady Topper a buddy once split with me), and I’m stunned. Look at this beer. It looks like some cloudy UTI mixed with pineapple juice and it’s hands down better than either of those things.

One can will last you about 2 minutes. Any longer, and you just don’t recognize game.

Giving 10.0 seems silly, but giving it 9.8 or 9.9 implies there’s something here I think could still be improved upon and I frankly don’t know what that is, so 10/10.