A couple days of intense studying, and now I’m in vacation mode. A couple lectures stand between me and the long weekend, but I’m ready to unwind.

I just wanted to make some quick notes about No Reason by Inne Beczki (English translation: Different Barrel). This 5.6% Saison was kind of a throw-in during my last beer purchase. I haven’t had a saison in a while, and this one caught my eye. It’s got this vibratant golden-urine colour, SRM 7 or so. It’s smells absolutely phenomenal though. That Belgian yeast really comes through on the nose, yielding a nice candied/bubble-gum smell. That sweetness is contrasted with some dry/zesty lemon, and Snapchat-1899784370277624198mild orange notes, too. It’s not entirely lemongrass, but its close. There’s sweet green apples, very mild notes of green grapes, and a minor salt-and-pepper presence. A very characteristic saison smell, and very well executed.

The taste, however, doesn’t entirely live up to the smell. It’s still a very good saison (and off the top of my head, the best one I’ve had in Poland), but its just smelled so good that I expected a little bit more. The Belgian yeast leads the way, again, although not nearly as candied as on the nose. Think more Belgian Pale Ale. Also following the nose is that lemon zest from a lemon peel. The flavor is rounded out by pepper and a slightly too-astringent minerality. Just at the very end of the sip, the beer feels heavy and dirty, and this is what, in my opinion, holds this beer back. I think Poland has naturally heavy water, and that might be what’s causing this effect.

Translated from the label: “This beer is to drink without reason, without an occasion – for everyday” and that’s just what this beer feels like. It’s easy drinking, good, and something that would make a nice six-pack to crack open on a lazy Sunday. Very well done – 8.8/10