It feels good to be writing again. It feels incredible that I can even find some time to write. Since I’ve moved to Poland for medical school, I’ve had some really great beers and been incredibly impressed with the brewing culture here, but I haven’t found the time to sit down and spend an hour or two dissecting a beer. My internet connection went down for the weekend, however, and instead of goofing around on the internet, I decided to finally write again.

And it’s convenient that I happened to open a beer on Saturday night that completely messed with my mind. The beer was Orgasmatron by Browar Kraftwerk based out of Poland. This beer was unique from the very start. There’s absolutely no carbonation in this beer. It pours completely flat. I thought this might be a bottling error, or maybe I accidentally bought an incredibly old IPA, but neither of these are the case (Labelled Best By: 9 March 2016). It’s colour was a golden-orange, and was completely pristine and transparent.

I should stop here to mention the label describes this as a ‘West Coast German IPA,’ which I hadn’t paid attention to when I bought it. What the brewers have produced, however, I couldn’t tell if it was ingenious or a monstrosity. They’ve taken a pseudo-noble hop and added newer hops (like Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon) which contrast sharply, but not in an entirely unpleasant way. The Hallertau Blanc seems to be the predominant hop, and it imparts the earl-grey herbal quality of the proper Hallertau hop, as well as some lemongrass and stinky white wine on the nose.

As you start to drink this beer, the weird fusion of flavours continues. You still get that herbal/floral Hallertau characteristic as the primary flavour, but you also have some fragrant fruit that conflicts with that. It tastes like there’s mandarins that are a few days past ripeness and are starting to dry and shrivel that have been thrown in. There’s also some mild sweetness like from a melon. On the aftertaste, you get that really dry, gravely hop aftertaste that’s so characteristic of Hercules hops.

I’m impressed that the brewers were actually able to meld a classic Bavarian taste into a West Coast IPA-inspired beer. There’s such sharp contrast between the two styles that its probably fitting we don’t have two many brewers trying to put the two together. On drinking this, it was reminiscent of some eisbocks I’ve had in flavour, and I noticed the lack of any carbonation on every sip. One thing I wasn’t a fan of in this beer was the inclusion of ‘aphrodisiacs’ Catuba and Damiana Leaves. I don’t imagine I’ve ever had either, so I really can’t comment as to whether or not that have any contribution to taste, but I certainly viewed it as more of a gimmick. A quick Wikipedia search will show you neither have been definitively proven to have any discernable aphrodisiac qualities, and even if they did, its likely neither ingredient was added in such an amount that would result in any effect. I encourage the brewers to stick with the merits of their beer, rather than lazy marketing, to promote their beer.

That being said, while I may not rush back to Orgasmatron, I am interested in seeing what other unique ideas Kraftwerk has, and will definitely be seeking them out in bottle shops.